Digital Marketing Empires is NOT for all companies

Companies that we can assist are:

Our primary goal is to help assist any business that is in need of our services just as we have with several of our clients by obtaining them a much greater level of success.  However, we do not work with everybody that come into contact with us.  We follow a careful selection process based on a number of criteria that has to be met before we will work with you.  In order to provide the necessary amount of attention to our clients we have to limit the number of companies that we work with.

Our Requirements:

– Your business needs to be active and healthy!

Our services are best for companies that are already successfully running but they want to expand their online presence in a large way.  However, there are a few areas that we will NOT work with:

– Adult Themed Materials
– Any type of get rich quick scheme
– Most start up companies will not qualify

2) A steady flow of customers and leads should be coming in for you currently.  You should already be making sales and generating some traffic to your company.  If you are actively marketing your company this requirement will be met.

3) You must have a good reputation within your community and have a service or product that is good.  The process that we follow is geared to bring you an increase in leads.  However, the way we do this brings a influx of goodwill from within your market.  This is why it is important to have a quality product or service.

The are our only requirements!  Pretty simple!

As long as you meet the prior requirements we have listed here we would like to speak with you to help increase your online marketing presence.  Our aim is to work with you as a team to increase your leads and to drive more sales.

To start we are going to ask that you completely fill out the form that you see below so we can do a complete analysis on your business. Don’t worry, it is very simple and straight to the point.  You are giving us a clear indication about your business and what you would like to see accomplished with it.  As we approach each client with a unique marketing plan, it is critical that we have this information.  Once you provide us with this information we will be able to provide you with an analysis of where your marketing efforts need to be placed.



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